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SA Scratch Awl 劃線錐

SA Scratch Awl 劃線錐

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Model 型號

Option 可供選項:

SA-1v2 BK (BLACK / 黑色)
SA-1v2 BU (BLUE / 藍色)
SA-1v2 RE (RED / 紅色)
SA-2v2 BK (BLACK / 黑色)
SA-2v2 BU (BLUE / 藍色)
SA-2v2 RE (RED / 紅色)
SA-3v2 BK (BLACK / 黑色)
SA-3v2 BU (BLUE / 藍色)
SA-3v2 RE (RED / 紅色)
SA-KIT (KIT / 套裝)

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