Shipping Policy 貨運條款

We make every effort to process your order on next working day.

In most cases it will ready to ship HK/Macau/Taiwan within 2/5/4 working days for Speed Express, and 4/6/9 working days for Standard Express.

Delivery service for Large or Heavy items : (1) Ship To Hong Kong only.  (2) Required to have lift facilities for the delivering to floors. In case where an item to be delivered cannot fit in a lift or be transported by the lift. Customers have to come down to ground floor for collection. The delivery time is in 3-5 working days, and subject to the arrangement and/or confirmation of our customer service.

Due to a high volume of orders or postal service problem, shipments may be delayed up to 3-5 working days or more.

This information should be used as a general guide and is not guaranteed.

Any item ordered outside of the Hong Kong is subject to import customs taxes depending on the customs policies of different countries.


If not specified, out of stock items will automatically be placed on back order and shipped immediately when available.

Due to the holiday season, manufacturing delays may affect your order. We appreciate your patience and understanding and if you would like to request an order update, about your order, please contact us at ︰

* In case there is any inconsistency or conflict between English and Chinese version of this terms and condition, the English version shall prevail. If any disputes, NeWare Technology (HK) Ltd. reserves the right for final decision.



發送貨物運往 (香港 /澳門 /台灣) , 快速付運 需時約 (2 /5 /4) 個工作日 ,標準付運 需時約 (4 /6 /9) 個工作日

大型或重型物品付運 ︰ (1) 只付運往香港  (2) 必須使用升降機設施才能提供上落樓層/上門送貨服務。若貨品無法進入升降機,或沒有升降機服務直達收貨單位樓層,貨品將安排於大廈地面完成交收。 一般送貨時間約為3-5個工作日後,具體以客戶服務的安排及/或確認為準。


(上述資訊只適用作參考,所需時間按實際情況而定) *香港以外地區訂購 可能需額外支付進口關稅 所需繳付關稅取決於不同國家的海關政策





* 如本條款中;中文版本與英文版本之間存在任何矛盾或衝突,則以英文版本為準。 如有任何爭議,「新威科技(香港)有限公司」將保留最終決定權。